Bring a Craving for Pasta to La Fiamma Italian Kitchen, Now Open in Alexandria

  |     |   2021

In cuisine and culture, Italy is fiery. From the spice of arrabbiata to the passion of a night in Florence or Rome, you can practically feel the lick of the flames—or it may just be the heat of a freshly crafted pizza just out of the oven at La Fiamma Italian Kitchen.


One of the newest additions to Alexandria’s dining scene, La Fiamma Italian Kitchen offers all the heat of Italy, from its food to the ambience as you dine. The passion of their chefs meets their wood-fired oven, crafting all your favorite authentic Italian cuisine.


Start off with an order of arancini or pasta e fagioli, or stay on the lighter side of La Fiamma with insalata di chef (a chef’s salad). Enjoy a margherita pie topped with gooey, melty mozzarella or the flavors of a creamy fettuccine Alfredo. “'A great meal and we'll be back!” writes one early Yelp reviewer. Another insists La Fiamma offers "some of the best Italian food in the DC Metro area.” 


With quality service and delicious dishes, La Fiamma brings with it centuries of Italian flames, from food to familiarity. Bite into Italian cuisine La Fiamma, and find yourself with a newfound passion for the warmth and food of Italy. 

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