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Strengthen and Lengthen at PiYoBa Studio in Springfield

Strengthen and Lengthen at PiYoBa Studio in Springfield

  |     |   2021

Over the past year and a half, society as a whole has had to be a lot more pliant than any of us could have imagined. One aspect of our lives that hasn’t necessarily garnered that same flexible finesse, though, is our fitness. Fortunately, Springfield’s PiYoBa Studio is here to fix that. 


PiYoBa Studio offers their titular pilates, yoga, and barre training, as well as cardio dance, personal training, and more. Each course is led by a certified fitness instructor who has the expertise and dedication required to help get your body and mind in shape. 


One happy customer exclaims, “LOVE LOVE LOVE this studio!!!” That sentiment is echoed throughout other reviews, coming from studio-goers of all experience levels—as one such client describes it, “They do an excellent job in catering to every experience level at all ages and physical strength.” This means, whether you’re an experienced yogi, a bit out of practice, or a complete beginner, you’ll leave class feeling a little more flexible. 


Sore muscles will undoubtedly let you know that you’ve got a good workout in, but you’ll nevertheless be excited to return to PiYoBa for another session soon.

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