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Tan-Cha Brings Boba Tea and More to Annandale

Tan-Cha Brings Boba Tea and More to Annandale

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A new drink stop has opened in the Bradlick Shopping Center! Tucked into the shopping center and located between Gold’s Gym and the UPS Store is Tan-Cha, a California-based tea shop specializing in traditional, foam, and fruit teas. The franchise has expanded to four additional states, New York, Georgia, Florida, and now Virginia. Tan-Cha employs friendly teamakers who use real tea and fruit, not artificial sweeteners or syrups, to make authentic drinks. With milk tea, black and green tea, boba, matcha, smoothies, and more, the sleek and modern Tan-Cha offers tasty, customizable teas in an inviting location.


In the tea shop’s Signature Collection is the Tiramisu Puff Cream, a sweet, creamy tea that truly tastes like tiramisu and serves as one of Tan-Cha’s most popular drinks. Choose your sweetness by customizing the sugar and ice level to ensure optimum flavor. Interested in something else? Order a Super Fruit Tea with fresh fruit or an Orange Green Tea Slush for something light! When you order a tea with foam, you’ll get a shovel-shaped spoon for a fun way to enjoy. Tan-Cha’s one-size teas are large and come out quickly.


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