Have You Tried the Strawberry Cheese Slush at Ben Gong’s Tea?

  |     |   2021

New in town, Ben Gong's Tea is serving the community of Annandale with yummy teas and slushes and even coffees! You’ll find drinks anywhere from Yakult teas and Bengong milk teas to Bengong coffees, dessert milk slushies, fruit and cheese teas, and more. A few of their popular beverages to order include the peach oolong milk tea, dahongpao bubble milk tea, brown sugar bubble tea, orange green fruit tea, mango pomelo sago fruit tea, and strawberry cheese slush. 


After you place your order, you can unwind in a roomy, vibrant setting with plenty of cozy tables and chairs and bright-colored decor throughout the building. It makes for a nice spot to catch up with a group of friends or have a date night out or treat yourself after a long day at work. 


If you love checking out new tea shops, delight your taste buds and visit for a refreshing cup of tea-liciousness! While you’re at it, follow their Instagram page for exciting updates and the latest hours before heading over from your apartment. 

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