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Celebrating Women at the International Women’s Day Market

Celebrating Women at the International Women’s Day Market

  |     |   2022

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Caboose Commons is hosting a recurring market celebrating and showcasing local businesses owned by women. The International Women’s Day Market will occur every Tuesday from 5 to 9 pm throughout the month of March.


Businesses featured among those at the market include Erin’s Elderberries, a premium elderberry syrup company that uses handmade, organic ingredients in its products. Everything from syrups to jams to honey is sold by Erin’s Elderberries.


For those in the market for candles, multiple local candle companies will be featured throughout the market. Included among the candle-making companies are Green Papaya, CMS Supply Company, Magnifiscent Aroma Candle Company, and Chappelle Candle Company.


While candles will be on full display at the market, sweet treats will also be available as well. The Girl Scouts of America will be selling their legendary cookies on March 1 and 8. For pet owners, dog treats and dog food can be bought from Doggy Donuts on March 8 and Pet Wants Chantilly on March 15, respectively.


Be sure to check out the International Women’s Day Market in Fairfax!

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