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Winter Recipes

Winter Recipes

  |     |   2023

The days are short, the nights are long, the temperature is dropping, and the winter is here to stay. Winter is the perfect season for comfort food. From tasty soup to hearty meals to sweet treats and hot drinks, what’s not to like? 

Let’s start with some tasty soups. From classics like potato to tomato, to chicken noodle and cheddar broccoli- a classic soup is always a good idea on a chilly winter day. Or you can try something brand new like Borscht soup or Pizza soup. 

Now for some hearty meals: Turkey Biscuit Stew could be a perfect meal to make with some holiday leftovers, or Tortilla Pizza which could be your next Italian or Mexican dinner! 

The winter season is the most perfect time for sweet treats! There are typical holiday treats like cookies, but this year try something different like Eggnog cheesecake or Holiday blondies. 

Finally, make sure everything is rounded out with a delicious drink. Try a cocktail like Hot Buttered Rum or a mocktail like Berry Spritzer. 

Try any, or all, of these to cozy yourself up with something good while enjoying a nice day inside all while avoiding the freezing outdoors. 

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