January 12, 2023


Associate Retail Asset Manager Rosalba Melo sees past the competitive nature of the real estate industry all the way to our purpose—to create sanctuary.

Since beginning at the company nearly six years ago as a sales & marketing associate, Rosalba understands the importance of shared values, developing a growth mindset and fostering a workplace environment of belonging where all are valued and welcome.

Throughout each of the roles Rosalba has held, the prospect of helping people has been her inspiration and motivation. After taking a retail training led by Senior Retail Asset Manager Joel Regignano, she took a strong interest in learning more about the retail aspect of the industry. In August, she began her new role as an associate retail asset manager for the Tri-State area. Having experienced the challenges of working on-site, she hopes to be able to support property managers in this vital aspect, as well as take a deeper dive into the story that retail analytics tell. Inspired by her mother, an entrepreneur, Rosalba also decided to go for this new role so that she could help entrepreneurs and small business owners be successful while providing a great experience for our residents.

“My mom is my biggest inspiration,” Rosalba explained. “She is with me in everything I do. Seeing how she navigated life as a single mom of four, taught me strength and resilience. She was once told that her children would not amount to anything, and my siblings and I are proof that nothing could be farther from the truth. She paved a way for us to succeed when the odds were stacked against us. My mom’s struggles and sacrifices are my motivation when times are good and when times are tough.”

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